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stephanie hansen

In Vedic literature, the moon is the deity of soma, the cosmic nectar of life.  Honor this moon energy with a quieting, soothing sequence known as Chandra Namaskar.  Pranayama and mantra will also be included in this Pitta-pacifying class, prepping ourselves for the upcoming summer season.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Meditative Lunar Flow for Pitta Season

ashley fathergill

Ashley's signature YogaZo class is back at NOMADIC for year 3 and we can't wait to move to the beat.  Immerse yourself in a sensory experience that you don't often get out of a typical yoga class. Removing outside distractions and focusing simply on the beat, the instruction and your breath allows you to fully dive into the Silent Disco for one of the best yoga classes you will ever experience. 

Breathe & Flow at the (Silent) Disco


Backbends are exhilarating! Discover how to stand in your full potential, releasing expectations and realizing a state of well-being.  This class will use the Panchamayakosha model to bring balance and return us to a state of well-being on all levels, from the outer most layer of our physical body, to the increasingly more subtle layers that are all connected. We will use myofascial release techniques to free the tension that binds us in habitual holding patterns, preparing the body for full wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana).  During this class we will begin by rolling out the soles of the feet and then move up the back-body, unlocking the knee joints, balance the hips, creating the foundation needed to open the heart, allowing the light inside to shine out.  

Free Your Feet to Open Your Heart

SHAYLEE arvizu

Hatha Flow with Shaylee is all about honoring where you are and loving yourself no matter what. This Hatha Flow class will be 60 minutes and include an alignment-based series working on opening the heart and bowing to the warrior within. Come find your center with Shaylee. All levels are welcome and beginners encouraged!

Yoga for Open Hearts

crystal sanchez

Hot Shakti Yoga is a powerful hybrid style of yoga that incorporates different types of movement, including belly dancing, Tai Chi Chih, shaking medicine and much more. The techniques and movements used, help the students to connect to themselves in a whole new way. Allow yourself to enjoy a practice that incorporates all the beauty of energy techniques with a deep, fulfilling physical asana practice. Come experience a chance to unleash your most powerful authentic self with Hot Shakti Yoga.    

Hot Shakti


Listen: Close your eyes and open your heart.  We'll use headphones and (optional) blindfolds to turn our awareness inside and FEEL our way through a simple, sweet flow.  Follow your interpretation of step-by-step cueing and learn to trust your intuition while cultivating concentration and presence.

Recharge: Take a break from the action and relax into a restorative yin practice.  Gentle floor stretches, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and lots of (optional) hands-on adjustments will help replenish our energy so we can finish off the festival with a bang.

Listen (Session 1) & Recharge (Session 2)

melissa smith-wilkinson

Slow is the new strong. How we can mindfully move through our practice to gain BOTH strength and flexibility. Learn how these 2 concepts are not mutually exclusive. Explore a practice that builds awareness allows for personal exploration and empowerment within each pose. Redefine your understanding of what it means to stretch in yoga through research based biomechanics in asana. We will have some group discussion, partner work, and practice. Everyone is welcome.

Yoga for Strength

jen fox

Prana Vinyasa Flow is a creative, full-spectrum system of yoga created by Shiva Rea that embodies the natural flow of life through energetic alignment and devotion. With an emphasis on hip opening, backbending and organic, pulsating rhythms, we will tap into the emotional & sensual qualities of the sacral chakra in this all-levels class. Flow & connect to the nourishing, healing qualities of the water element through sacred movement, breath & intention. Learn to move in harmony with nature & experience prana, the universal source of breath, energy & consciousness. You will leave with a sense of connection, ritual & gratitude, knowing that everything you need is inside. Find liberation in the flow!

Prana Vinyasa Flow

allie bailey

Let’s build on the yogic principle of ‘root to rise’ by mindfully linking together a series of fun standing balance poses. Expect a fun flow with opportunities to explore variations, connect deeply with your breath, smile, laugh, and develop a path to discovering your inner strength and unique balance points. All levels are welcome & encouraged!

Rooted in Balance & Strength

hillary marshall

Gravity Yoga increases flexibility and reduces stress. Most of our lifestyles create stiff bodies and anxious minds. This style of yoga uses a specific method and breath to affect long lasting change for tight backs, hips, and hamstrings. During this workshop, the three pillars of Gravity Yoga will be taught and explained. These pillars are "wet noodle" technique, 4x8 breath, and increased hold times. The workshop will begin with a short discussion of Gravity Yoga and conclude with a deliciously, relaxing class. You will leave with a calmer nervous system and techniques you can take home with you.

Gravity Yoga: Improve Your Flexibility

denise gonzales

This practice begins with a  basic sequence that caters to all levels. As the class progresses we will be adding to the flow  giving the level 2/3 students a little more to work with while the newer students still have a comfortable place to hang in the sequence or explore the possibilities of growth.  While being similar to a ladder flow we are going to build a practice giving all practitioners a chance to stay or play in a space that feels comfortable for their body.

What feels right in your flow?

brian matzke

Coming soon.

Coming Soon.

marci calabrese

Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga yoga based sequence that includes postures and transitions from the 1st, 2nd 3rd  and 3rd series of Ashtanga Yoga. Rocket includes sun salutations A and B, standing and seated postures followed by finishing sequence and savasana. Rocket Yoga was developed by its founder Larry Schultz, who passed away in 2011. Larry’s dream was to make Ashtanga yoga accessible to the masses, so he reconfigured the first three series and encouraged the use of modifications and props. Rocket Yoga includes optional inversions and arm balances which we will mini-workshop during our Rocket practice so everyone can learn through observation and effort. Rocket yoga is a fun-filled light-hearted yoga practice where self introspection can be attained through consistent practice.

Rocket Yoga
Pam Side Crow .jpg

pam hong

Qigong is a classical Chinese healing modality meaning energy work. It combines intentional, gentle movement with deep breathing to unblock and increase energy, reduce pain, manage stress and anxiety, and support an overall feeling of health, well-being and balance. Qi Flow Yoga is a new way of practicing vinyasa yoga that emphasizes the natural fluency between internal and external energy. Traditional qigong movements will be woven into vinyasa sequencing, creating a gentle flow that will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and vibrant!

Qi Flow Yoga

danny ALdaz

My intention as a yoga instructor is to share my practice with everyone. I celebrate the diversity I bring to yoga and encourage inclusive classes. Beautiful souls can be found walking many paths, so don't be intimidated. Yoga really is for everyone and it doesn't matter what you look like or your level of practice, this class will help calm your mind and make you stronger, physically and mentally. Everyone is welcome for this judgement free class. Modifications and amplifications will be offered. 

Yoga for Everyone

tabatha bennett

The hips are the powerhouse of the lower body and often hold the most tension. It’s no lie, when you’re feeling cranky or tight in the hips it affects the entire body. To ease this, we will move through a dynamic flow to stabilize and strengthen the hips and thighs before we delve deep into some releasing postures to help open up the hips and loosen the lower body.  This silent disco session offers you the chance to enjoy a fun flow and focus within for restorative hip openers - the best of both worlds.

Hips Don't Lie

alexandra padilla

We always hear the stories of healing anxiety and depression through yoga, but how does it actually work? Are there certain poses, breathing techniques, or meditations that are more effective than others in helping with mental health? In this workshop, we will explore the science and myths behind yoga and the link between yoga and mental health based on Mindfulness Cognitive behavioral therapy. We will focus on breathing techniques and positive affirmations which will help us change mental cognitions to create a more positive lifestyle. We will also be exploring how utilizing the mind/body/spirit connection can help us change and combat feelings of anxiety and depression through yoga poses and guided mediations. This yoga class will give you the tools you need to develop a mindfulness practice and help you to deal better with the stresses of everyday life.

Wellness from Within: The science of Yoga and Mental Wellness

megan ketcher

Buti Yoga is community full of support and connection through movement and breath.  This practice will unleash your inner power and confidence.  The word buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.”  The buti yoga tribe believes that the way to self healing comes from within.  Awaken your Kundalini (feminine energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine) with this outstanding practice.  Buti yoga is a holistic approach to healing and fitness. Buti yoga involves power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, and deep abdominal toning with spiraling movements all done to the beat of music.  Our bodies were made to move, feel and heal.  Come shake, shift, shout, love, cry, let your hair down, and own your space in this world.  Shift your perception of yourself and the world around you through this amazing practice in a judgment free zone.  Don’t forget a towel and water because we will be hot and sweaty.  Welcome to the tribe!

Buti Yoga

elena corral

Explore the power of Yin Yang Yoga. We will begin our practice with a breathing exercise and series of postures targeting the hip area. The first half of this class will consist of deep stretches with longer hold times (i.e., Yin). The Yin will be followed by a yoga flow consisting of standing postures with shorter hold times (i.e., Yang). Concluding our practice with a guided meditation and savasana to release physical tension and mental stress. There will be an opportunity to open and close your practice with essential oil aromatherapy. Students will wear headsets to reduce distractions and to allow for a fully-immersive experience. Each headset will play the music for our class and allow you to hear your instructors voice. Yin Yang will awaken your senses, helping you to strengthen your mind-body connection and deepen your pranayama. This is an all-levels class.

Balancing the body and mind with Yin Yang Yoga - Silent Disco

Breezy bree

This class is designed with the beginner in mind! Rather you are new to yoga or just getting back to your practice! Let's learn all about the most FUNdamental poses in yoga with emphasis on making the Mind-Body connection.  In this special class we learn how to use your breath, bandhas and create a moving meditation! 

Yoga FUNdamentals

sarah white

Join us on a Kids' Yoga Safari where we will journey through Africa, South America, and the Rainforest to find, and maybe even become, the animals that roam the world. This kids centered yoga class will take your child through a beginner's vinyasa flow with child friendly language to help them use their emotions and knowledge of animals to discover how strong they really are! This 75 minute class is for kids from 6-12 and will include plenty of movement and an activity to take with them. You are not required to stay with your child so it is a wonderful option for the yoga-loving parent(s) who would love to attend Nomadic, but may also need child-care. Sarah White is a public school teacher here in Albuquerque where she regularly implements yoga into the public school curriculum to engage the social-emotional learning so necessary for young minds. She has a Masters in Education, and is a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.

Kids Yoga Safari

samantha rasinski

Energetic, fun, care-free, and simple dance routines to many different rhythms of music. Break a sweat and let your body express itself while smiling and dancing to Cumbia, Reggaeton, Bellydance, Salsa, Dancehall, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Merengue, Pop, Caribbean, and other fun international rhythms. 

Zumba & Dance Fitness

kellie rodriguez

This class is perfect for when that cup of coffee just isn’t enough. Start your day off with this energetic flow that focuses on toning, working your core and burning calories. We will combine yoga, cardio, isometric movements, and upbeat music. You will leave feeling confident, strong, and refreshed!

Wake Your Asana Up-Yoga Sculpt

natalie mathis

Whether you are 0 or 90, this kid, parent and baby-wearing friendly (that's right, strap baby on and join the dance!) introduction to the fun, widespread Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance is for you! We'll  build basic belly dance combinations, lay the foundation for formations, leading and following, and transitions that make this follow-the-leader group dance addictive and fun for the whole family! ITS is generally performed in a group, often at community events such as festivals and parades. This is a great style for diverse groups of all ages, body types and dance backgrounds to join in a fun, community dance experience!

Tribal Style - the Community/Family Dance


A fun and uplifting class that will get your body, mind and mood right so you can enjoy the rest of the amazing classes at the festival with your friends and family. This class is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, happy and alive. 

Yoga for Everyone


Create the world that you seek through positive language and intentional movement. In this
class, we will utilize emotional intelligence, breathing techniques and positive-affirmations to
help construct the life you have always imagined. Music, Smiles and Connection.

Creating YOUR Reality


Do I need to reserve my spot for a specific class/workshop?

- No, each class is first come, first served.  We limit the number of VIP tickets to prevent any issues with capacity

How do I know which ticket to get?

- If you are planning to take 2 or more classes, the Festival Pass & VIP pass make the most sense in regards to cost.  If you want to take a workshop, the VIP pass is your best bet!

What comes with a VIP pass?

- A swag bag and access to anything you want from the schedule lineup!

What should I bring with me? 

- We will be practicing on the floor of the Rail Yards (don't worry, we have a mat cleaning station when you are done).  If you would like to practice with props, you will need to bring all of the materials you would like to use during your practice

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